Start Healing Trauma

So you have decided “enough is enough”. You have decided to explore, look deeper into your trauma and re-integrate it within your mind, body and soul.

I want to say “Thank you”,

Thank you for taking a stand for yourself.

Thank you for choosing “You”.

Thank you for your courage and bravery.

Thank you for walking through this Door

Start Healing Trauma

The first step of the process is the preparation. It was the preparation that got me through some of my darkest times.

In the sections below,  you will learn how to prepare yourself for the healing journey so that it’s as painless as possible. You will also learn that it’s not too bad (even though it may feel that way sometimes). I also want to assure you that you will come out rising and shining if you stay connected to yourself.

If you stay true to the process, you will not be not gripped by extreme emotions and you will be able to take care of yourself during this process of healing.

Prepare for the Healing Journey


What is Childhood Sexual Abuse Trauma?

The mind of a child doesn’t have capacity to handle something so intense and traumatising so the mind breaks it up

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How filled is your Wheel of Life?

The Wheel of Life is a great and quick tool to assess your overall state of self care and healing.

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How deep the impact of trauma goes?

Our bodies are a biological print of what goes in our minds and in our lives. Assess how trauma has impacted you over the years

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Connecting with your body without the Mind

When you listen to your brain’s incessant “what if” stories, they make you feel worse; when you focus on the sensations, you just focus on the sensations.

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Resources List to Manage Healing

The healing journey can be long and can be difficult at times and the resources list can really come in handy in reestablishing safety.

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Start Your Healing here

Start your healing journey here

If healing brings you joy and it allows you to change your core, here are some resources for you.

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Methods for Healing Trauma

I have tried many many different modalities for healing. You can learn from my experiences here

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Books that will help you at this stage of your healing