Partners of Survivors

If you are the partner of a female survivor, then I am grateful for you visiting this website.

Many of my partners in the past didn’t probably understand me. They hadn’t really experienced abuse so they were relying on me to explain and make them understand. I myself didn’t know and didn’t communicate. The end result was that many of my relationships didn’t work for me or my partners.

With time, I have learned to set my boundaries. I know more about me and I am able to navigate my path with much more clarity. This helps my partner tremendously and he is able to understand me and support me.

I want to do the same for you. I want to guide you, give you information and make sure that you are equipped to create an absolutely amazing relationship with your partner


Here are some resources for you to understand your partner better

Download 5 Keys to creating a fulfilling relationship with your partner


There are some key elements that if you take care of these, I can tell you that you will make great progress in creating a deeper connection as well as healing both of you together J

Here are the 5 key strategies that will help you set a foundation for your relationship with your partner.


5 Keys to Empowering the Partners