Helping Women reclaim their freedom, their sexuality and their identity.

These are my Blogs

  • Violence against Women in Islamic Cultures

    Shaming of Women in the name of Culture and Religion

    The unjust patriarchy of this world doesn’t allow us equal rights. Why are we treated with disrespect? Why are we trained to be silent? Why are we violated and shamed every day?

  • Eradicating Abuse and Violence

    No more Abuse, No more Violence, No more gender-shaming

    Let’s raise our voices so we are no longer violated. Let’s create a world together when children are treated with love. Let’s treat women with respect and equality. let’s eradicate abuse together

  • Childhood Sexual Abuse

    Childhood Sexual Abuse

    When we are supposed to be learning about attachment, trust and love; we are violated. The scars of childhood abuse resonate for years through our soul… How do we heal from these scars?