Eradicating Abuse

Happy People don’t lash out at others

Resentment and anger are a sign that we are carrying unexpressed feelings and blocked energies in our bodies

This is what we do when are unhappy and resentful

We become impatient drivers

We feel unloved, unappreciated and diconnected

We have outbursts (or I call them Emotional Leakages)

We bully others

And when we are able to sit with the discomfort and when we have emotional vocabulary to express our needs and feelings in a healthy way, this is what happens

We are tolerant of others

We have more to give

There is less tension in our body and less disease

We don’t abuse others and especially, we don’t abuse children


A systematic approach to healing our wounds, creating love and joy and a fulfilling life



Clean Your Slate

Learn how to let go of emotions that don’t serve you



Commit to Your Life

Know what your needs are; what makes you happy and create it



Care for Self

Learn how to care for self without any guilt



Create Supportive Relationships

Experience full richness in life by creating meaningful relationships


Community updated

Connect with a Community

Find your sense of belonging by being part of a community


When we living from an emotionally aware place and following the 5C’s of Self Care Method…

We laugh a lot more

We feel loved, supported and accepted

We have quality family time

We have fun and supportive relationships with our friends

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For years, I have wondered why I got abused? How could those people do this to me?

In my years of research and experiences, this is what has made sense to me:

People hurt others when they are hurting themselves

They key to eradicating abuse then lies in our emotional wellbeing as individuals, families and societies.

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