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5 Keys to Understanding and Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse Trauma

From my own healing journey, I have realised that part of the healing occurs in from a direct therapy (e.g. counselling or hypnotherapy) but there are so many other areas that we can work on and these help accelerate the healing journey.

In this way, the trauma healing doesn’t feel overwhelming because you are doing “little” things in each areas of your life and the combined influence of each of these multiplies in its impact on you.

Here are the 5 key strategies that will help you set a foundation for your healing journey and accelerate the process.

5 Keys to Understanding and Healing Trauma

5 Keys to Empowering the Partners of Survivors

It’s a complicated life for the partners of female survivors. You have chosen to not only deal with your own issues and life but you have also taken upon the responsibility for someone else’s well being and healing.

I am in total awe of you. Your presence makes this world a better place.

I know sometimes, you probably don’t understand why your partner is behaving a certain way and no matter what you do, there is no “right” answer.

Here is the good news!

There are some key elements that if you take care of these, I can tell you that you will make great progress in creating a deeper connection as well as healing both of you together

5 Keys to Empowering the Partners

Emotional Leakages Inventory

Our bodies are a biological imprint of what goes in our head and heart. As we experience life, part of our experiences gets stored in our bodies as cell memories in the form of various physiological conditions.

If you hold emotions for a long time, these emotions may potentially leak in the form of subconscious behaviours. The purpose of this survey is to assess the level of emotional leakages that you have in your life.


Image Title

5C’s of Self Care Method

For years, I have wondered why I got abused? How could those people do this to me? And then it turned into a bigger question. Why do people lash out at other people?

I particularly wondered why men abused me…

They key to eradicating abuse then lies in our emotional wellbeing as individuals, families and societies.

coz Happy people don’t lash out at others…

Here are the 5C’s of Self Care Method

5 Keys to Self Care and Empathy 3DCover copy

Wheel of Life – Assessment

The Wheel of Life is a simple but powerful tool that helps you visualize all the important areas of your life at once. It is often used by life coaches and career coaches to give their clients a “bird’s eye” view of their lives. By looking at a visual representation of all the areas of your life at once, the wheel helps you to better understand which of your life areas are flourishing and which ones need the most work.


Wheel of Life

Self Care for Parents


Self Care for Parents comes as a refreshing read by focusing on the “parent” rather than parenting. It emphasises that by spending on their own well-being, parents will not only experience personal benefits but will have a much more positive relationship with their children and life in general.

Remember, Happy People don’t LASH OUT at others…

Self Care for Parents