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4 Comments on "Why do Relationships fail for the Abused?"

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I agree things happen in life the way we perceive, we attract people matching to our inside world.. and I am writing with my personal experience of life… I met men who are not respectful of women coz that all I see whole life and believed… in life its easy to blame some one else for every thing instead taking responsibility, I don’t love my self but I want to be loved.. we take all otter frustration on our selves… but if we work on our inside world things will be more acceptable and less frustration, if I cant love,… Read more »

AMEN! I have always loved the idea that we can be right or we can love, but we can’t do both.
Our perceptions do get the better of us when we believe what we have selectively perceived.
Thanks for the REMINDER!
To Our Growth,