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4 Comments on "Victims, Survivors… These Bloody Labels!"

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Interesting points to ponder. My childhood abuse was physical and emotional, but some of the same considerations apply. Personally I don’t like or identify with labels because of the automatic social expectations and judgements that are attached to them. These, in my experience, block the capacity to see the person as a unique individual – instead encouraging others to view them as a definable representative of a category. So I see myself neither as a ‘survivor’ nor ‘victim’ of abuse in terms of my internal labels. If I sit and consider the reality of my life then they are both… Read more »

I think these replacement words are taking the judgment away which comes very heavily with word victim and survivor .. coz then we hear victim and survivors words start judging right away (what happened that this person become victim or survivor)

but using other words like intruder, abuser, do talk about a person but it open and different dilemma … I think it takes the pity thing away from victim or survivors…it probably opens a open minded experience for the situation ..
judging and feel pity is common thing in third world county..as you know

U doing good work..

keep it up..