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8 Comments on "Let the Perpetrators Roam the City"

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From my own experience. Perpetrators will inhabit a world of fantasy and un-reality and tell themselves self-serving stories about their actions and the impact (or lack of it) on their victims. Only when they are confronted by the seriousness of their actions, exposed to public condemnation and the possibility of severe punishment do they have a chance to see themselves clearly (some, in fact, kill themselves when their activities are exposed). Without exposure and punishment they are free to continue in their self-delusion and to keep destroying the lives of children.

Sarah Choujounian

I agree with you Ruby, were doing it all wrong. We live in a Capitalist world where only money is important & as we all know, our jails are for profit so somebody has to fill them up so our society & culture thrive on people being raised in violence, poverty etc…. 😒
Nice post 👍❤️✌️

Caroline Abbott

Good provocative question. I believe we all long for justice when we have been wronged. God says to let him get revenge. Trusting him to do that and letting go is a challenge. While we may not get revenge, I still encourage people to let the court system hold their abusers accountable if at all possible. Many DV offenders are put in offender groups. These share information, fellowship and accountability with these perpetrators. This is one model I know of, and it seems to work to some extent.