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6 Comments on "I want to feel safe (A plea to partners around the world)"

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God bless you! ~ Thank you for sharing ~ I share for my facebook J&R team to see. ~ Praying for your healing cycle. ~ a praying friend, Steven

Deas Plant.
Hi, Ruby Usman. Both thanks and congratulations for sharing your story. I have heard a few stories and have one of my own and none of them have been easy. The healing CAN be done alone. How-wevver, the person is not likely to know for sure just how well they have managed to heal until they are ‘exposed’ to a ‘testing’ situation – like a new relationship or seeing somebody else in a similar situation or hearing a similar story. That said, it IS almost always easier with some help, especially an understanding partner. Just my 0.02. Thanks again. You… Read more »