Transform your internal beliefs with Kinesiology…

I was a complete mess. A slightest of comments or disturbance or even a caring phrase would trigger an outburst of crying. That’s how I was when I saw Dr. John Hare, the NSA practitioner, from Tree of Life Integral Centre. He immediately recognised that my internal sense of self, was gone. He asked me to sit down and try various positions – right hand on top of the left and then, left hand on top of the right hand; left foot on top of the right and then right foot on top of the left foot. In each position, he would test how I was holding my muscles. Whether my muscles were staying strong or not. There was a certain position of hands and feet that worked for what we were about to do. He then asked me to hold this position and repeat these affirmations

I feel safe. The past has already gone and I no longer hold on to it.

Seconds or minutes passed by – I wasn’t sure. I was starting to feel better and better and at some point, I knew that I was back to my usual self. I then made a diamond from hand and kept breathing in and out (as per his instructions)

When I walked out of the therapy room that day, I was a totally different person. Assured, safe and ready to live my life.

Strange to think that a therapy could work in this way but that’s exactly how “Kinesiology” works.

Kinesiology is a gentle art of muscle monitoring to assess and change body’s wellbeing. It is based on the principle that human body already has all the answers; it knows what the right decision is; it knows what the right food to eat is; what form of healing is needed; and what’s the right form of action. The art lies in understanding this language and this is where Kinesiologists come into play. They use energetic, physical and verbal cues to find out what is in sync with the internal body state and where do imbalances occur; your muscles won’t hold their position if the body is exposed to something it is not okay with. Kinesiologists then use the similar means to release and change the body’s state to bring it back to balance.

I have played with Kinesiology over the years and every time, it has affected me in profound yet different ways. There was one common thread though – each time, kinesiologists worked to find my internal state and rebalanced it.

I have also used it to find the food that my body likes and doesn’t like. There was one session in which the therapist took a small plastic bag with wheat in it and placed it on my tummy. She then asked me to hold my hands while she tried to move them. Guess what! I couldn’t resist (even though she wasn’t applying much pressure). She removed the bag and I could resist her pressure and keep my hands in position (Crazy, isn’t?)

People who have dabbled with it, use it to buy groceries and make other day-to-day decisions (of course you have to be very quick in judging your body reactions. I don’t think I have ever practised to that extent).

As childhood sexual abuse (or any other trauma) survivors, our internal beliefs about ourselves and others get messed up. Kinesiology can help heaps in dealing with some of these belief patterns.

Of course, it always helps to find a good practitioner but from my personal experience, I have found that no matter what anyone else said – at the end of the day, I had to try and rely on my personal experience to judge whether the practitioner could help me or not.

Thank Goodness that I didn’t give up and kept trying because I have found these amazing practitioners and I intend to interview them so you get to know them as well.

Stay Tuned 🙂 and blessings for your healing journey.