Celebrating First Anniversary

Some say time flies and in many ways, this year has felt like this. I can’t even believe that it has been a year since I launched my website “Healing Wounds Together”. In this year, I have made amazing¬†connections; have gone through transformative healing; made difference to the lives of many, and have suffered much heartache.

One of my dear friends Helena said to me recently that she is amazed by my dedication. She finds it very inspiring that every Australian Saturday at 11 am, a blog arrives in her inbox.

Her comment made me wonder if I have been too busy “doing” the work and haven’t really acknowledged all the hard work that has gone into it.

So this blog is about acknowledgement. It is acknowledging all that I have done to create and maintain this website but more than that, it is also about remembering what makes me get up every day and what drives me.

I have realised that it is no longer the case of my passion or motivation. It is the calling of my soul to do this work and make a difference to the lives of survivors. What gets me up every day is the opportunity to create a world where we can live with unconscious hurt, abuse and other awful things that leave us traumatised and in pain.

I am so grateful for all your comments and connections. I am grateful that you have allowed me to create an impact in your life. I am humbled by the time you give me and I am honoured to be in your service.

Healing Wounds Together was launched on 4th December 2016. 

Since then, a lot has happened such as…

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