5C’s of Healing, Care and Happiness

The biggest gift you can give your family and friends is to be happy and healthy. Because when you are happy and healthy…

You have more to give

You laugh more

You have more tolerance and more energy

and you have a fulfilling life…


And Guess what!

You get to include your family and friends in this system of self-care and healing… Coz without them, you can never be happy

Here are the 5 C’s



Clean Your Slate

Learn how to let go of emotions that don’t serve you

Our bodies are a biological imprint of what goes in our head and heart. When we feel disappointed or upset – we hold, resist or deny ourselves these “bad” feelings so they get stored inside us. Slowly, our body start to become an imprint of our emotional and experiential life.

In this “Clean Your Slate”, you will learn how to let go of these stored emotions. You will learn just to be with your experiences without having to have them drive your life. 


Commit to Your Life

Know what makes you happy and Create it

 In this Step “Commit to the Life you want”, you learn to be connected within and discover what makes you happy and what makes you feel fulfilled.

You also learn what it takes to commit and how you can create a structure that supports you in your commitment.


Care for Self

Learn how to care for self without any guilt

There is no right answer to what self-care looks like for anyone. For some, it may mean having a good night’s rest; for others, it means having regular meditation time. The important thing is to know what you need and to strive towards meeting these needs.


Create Supportive Relationships

Experience full richness in life by creating meaningful relationships

 Truth be told, life would be very difficult if we didn’t have people around us to support us and we are not able to support them. This is especially true for parents, who have the added responsibility of raising their children in addition to doing everything else that all of us do to live our lives.

In this “C”, you will learn your own needs of relationships, support and intimacy. You will learn how to create relationships that work for you and how to raise the quality of your life by having people who make you a better version of yourself.

Community updated

Connect with a Community

Find your sense of belonging by being part of a community

Communities give us a sense of belonging. In today’s fast world where family size is decreasing but the corresponding responsibilities are increasing, communities play even a bigger role in making sure that we are living the best way we can.

In this “C” you will discover your communities and find ways of belonging that work for you. You will learn to connect and create space for communities in your life and use it to enliven your soul.